Simple Side Dishes

Our coconut oils add great flavor to any simple side dish, especially our garlic flavored coconut oil.  Here are some side dishes to try out.  They are the perfect, light, low carb side to any summer meal.




2 tablespoons of Organic Garlic Coconut Oil from Nature’s Approved.

About 4 ounces of Baby Broccoli (incredibly high in antioxidants) from Trader Joe’s, the stalks are soft and can be eaten entirely with the leaves and crown. The younger broccoli has a higher density of antioxidants than the fully grown broccoli. Broccoli is known for its great anti-carcinogens.

Four ounces of mushrooms

2 ounces of walnuts , one of the healthiest nuts  (or other nuts such as a handful of mixed nuts from who carry many organic nuts)

Salt and pepper to taste. (adding half a teaspoon of chopped fresh French tarragon to the  Asparagus version below  added  sweetness  and made it very interesting.)


In a large, non-stick skillet melt the oil, sauté the greens and mushrooms for about 4 minutes. Add the walnuts and stir for another 3 minutes and serve.

This recipe is so simple, fast, and easy to make and it is sure to be a hit!


Alternate Greens and Ingredients

You can use asparagus, kale, brussel sprouts, or collard greens as well.  For the asparagus, break off and discard the bottom of the stalk where it is rigid and fibrous. Sauté with ½ teaspoon of fresh French tarragon plus almonds instead of walnuts. The almonds need to go in just before the asparagus so they soften enough.

If you are cooking kale as the green vegetable, strip the leaves off the stalks and sauté. For brussel sprouts cut in half lengthwise and for collard Greens, strip the leaves off the stalk and tear into smaller pieces.


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